Monday, 29 October 2007

Braided Up

I got my little sister to do my plaits. It took her two days, she plaits slower than I do and takes more break than I do too. I'll let her off though she is only 15 and she did a decent enough job.

After she did it, quite a lot of the plaits were pretty straight, I wanted them to look less uniform and a little bit wild so I rinsed my hair with lemon juice and water and towel dried then air dried. I made up a very weak mixture of Castor oil and water and spritzed it on my hair. I'm not sure if I actually put enough oil in it to be honest. But my hair looks okay so I won't mess with it too much.

I don't know if anyone else has a similar problem but... whatever I put on my head at night, a Du-rag, bandanna, scarf etc. never stays there and is off by the morning unless I tie it on so tight that it gives me a headache. Not good.


Anonymous said...

Hey really looking good!! i have exactly the same problem! tie the hair up at night and by morning scarf is on the floor or hook up round my neck! haha if you find a solution hook a sister up! keep in touch i see you are in the uk!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zenobia, thanks for the comments, nah i havent invested in a satin pillowcase yet, at the moment i am battling with the cotton ones that seem to soak up the oil from my hair in the night!! still on the look out for a sleep cap, i am trying to find the website that some others talk about on the forums. I am currently in London Uk.
Take care