Tuesday, 13 November 2007


I got a bit annoyed with a couple of my plaits coming undone so I thought I would have a go at latching the damn things. Only problem is I haven't brought a latch-hook yet, so I thought I would try a paperclip.

I unbent it and then made it into a loop shape. And you know what it worked just fine! I'm not sure that I will even buy a latch hook now considering i have like 200 paperclips!

Here is a pic of the lacthing i did, just the bottom row and it turned out nicely!

I then decided to take it on step further and see if I could latch my relaxed ends. I put I tiny knot at the end of my hair and latched until i got to the plait

Latched relaxed end of plait.

End of plait with a knot in it.

Well there's def no going back now!

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Anonymous said...

Girl you got skillz! i went out and brought one of those crochet things but for some reason i keep getting the hook part caught, i might have to see if i can figure out how to do it with a paperclip....loc envy over here!!
one x pb