Friday, 26 October 2007

Getting Ready

As I sit here taking out my extensions (single plaits/braids). I have been reading discussion boards and looking at other peoples blogs and photo albums. There are a lot of lovely locs out there and I can't wait to grow mine. I'm glad I have finally made this decision, tomorrow I will get my sister to do my braids for me. I would like them pretty slim as I want fairly slim locs.

I plan on maintaining my regrowth using the mystical latch hook at the moment and see how that goes. I know twisting wouldn't work for me, I think it would frustrate me, at least when it's latched it done and unlikely to slip out. I don't want to free form as I want a more "manicured" look.

I really wanted sisterlocks, but upon receiving a quote of £400 for them to be put in I decided to find another method. There was no way I could afford that on my tight budget! But if I did have the money I would have definitely gone for sisterlocks.

I have thought about problems that I may encounter in the future. So far I think they are:
  1. In my quest for slim locs I may start my braids too think in the first place which could lead to breakage in the future, so I would have to combine locks.
  2. By wanting thin locs I will have a lot of starter locs on my head, which will mean a lot of latch hooking, in the future if it is too much I may combine locs for convenience.

That said I have seen people with nice slim locs (that aren't sisterlocks, or maintained by the SL tool) and they look nice and healthy, so fingers crossed mine will turn out just fine.

Anyway back to undoing my hair!


After taking out my hair and washing it, this is what it looked like:

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